Collection: Part 1


Visual Mind-map


12th Sept. 2017

          What did we do today?

Today we carried on our secondary research at the Central Saint Martins library. Using key words such as bone marrow, bone structure and skeleton, I was able to to find some scientific images and annotations of the construction of skeleton and how bones work in the human body. I have also done research on bone structures of animals, such as cows and snakes, as they symbolise God Ganesh and God Shiva in Hinduism. 

          What will we do next?

After secondary library research on the process 'Collage' and theme 'Hinduism', we decided to do more primary research on Hinduism by going to the Highgatehill Murugan Temple tomorrow. Our objectives of the trip would be to look at the main architectures and rituals that the temple perform.


Proposal of Final Designs


14th Sept. 2017

          What are you 12 designs about?

The main focus of my final proposal is the wearable body accessory, however I did come up with 7 handbag ideas that are inspired by the three words. I formulated a lot of my design using metaphors and collage and I learned that it is important that my visuals communicate main concepts of the idea.

          How was the crit? What feedback did you get?

I was able to hear a lot of different ideas and ways of thinking which inspired me to be even more open-minded in view different topics. I specially like designs where the form and texture of an organic object is used as the main inspiration source. My feedback made me think that I could experiment more with textiles design.


16th Sept. 2017

          Where did I go today?

I went to a fashion illustration exhibition for a competition at LCF.

          What inspired me?

I was intrigued by the vivid and strong styles of each designer.


Investigation in Human Obesity


'WEAR IT' Project Outcome No.2.1


'WEAR IT' Project Outcome No.2.2


18th Sept. 2017


11th Sept. 2017


          What was your response to the project brief?

Our 3 words: 'HINDUISM' (ism), 'BONE' (material) and 'COLLAGE' (process). 

Given three words to interpret with our own creative mindset, we began brainstorming ideas with our first impressions and prior knowledge about the subject. Through creating a detailed mind map, I was also mind blown by the variations that can be explored, and was able to vividly visualise the connections between each word.

          What did you learn today?

Through linking the words together, we found out that the theme of resurrection and rebirth are predominately circled around the three topics. Following that direction, we were hoping to find more information about it during our library research session. I learned the importance of being a communicator and listening to others as that is the key to new inspiration that you wouldn't have been able to get by yourself.

         How did you find working in a group?

The fact that we all came from different parts of the world, we were able to combine various creative responses, styles and ideas from different cultures. We were able to formulate primary research through our group mates who practices Hinduism, and was able to collect scientific knowledge about bone structures from biology students. Overall, our group has been very collaborative as we were all allocated specific research roles and knows what we were doing.

         ACTION PLAN 

  1. Create a mind map of the 3 words and identify links between them
  2. Primary research for "Hinduism" and "Collage" - interviews, photographs
  3. Library research for "Bone" and "Collage"- photograph documentation
  4. Sketch initial ideas from research material
  5. Online secondary research on designers/artists (e.g. Lucy Orta, Natalia Fabia...etc.)
  6. Develop and finalise ideas through further research
  7. Create final proposal presentation page

Formulating Ideas from Each Word


13th Sept. 2017

          How did I develop my ideas?

In order to have a better understanding about the skeletal constructions of bone in the human body, I began doing some basic sketches of the human spine and rib cage. Through the sketches, I try to find similarities between them with the theme Hinduism. I clear connection is that the bone structure and the fonts of the Hindu language, Sanskrit, are both very systematically patterned. I also started using different materials such as thread and printing cut outs to imitate textures of the bone marrow, while also utilising the technique of a collage.

          What is the result of my development?

After intensive research and testing out, I have decided to use bone and skeletal structures on the human body as a metaphor for the beliefs of resurrection and rebirth in Hinduism. To further incorporate the process of a collage, I plan to use the Hindu language, Sanskrit, to build the bone structure of the wearable design. This will be presented in a collage form for my proposal of the fashion accessory.

Feedback from the Group




'WEAR IT' Project Outcome No.1.1


'WEAR IT' Project Outcome No.1.2



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